Monday, February 25

Get the perfect Style for your MeDoll

I want to say a big 'Hello', once again, I have been busy with Math and Science Exams for a while, now but I am ready to post now they are done with. 

Style on Stardoll is constantly changing. Yes, we've got the looks which are here to stay, of course. Things like Boutique and Catwalk Inspired Clothing and Hip Casuals, remain popular and will continue to do so. They are irreplaceable as far as Style is concerned, as they have come and defined Fashion both Mainstream and Exclusive.

But, what about you, the reader. What are you looking for to define your look. Well, you are in for luck, as I will show you through every major Style, that Me Dolls have set their eyes' on. 

Style 1
'Sophisticated and Casual'

This is the look, which has dominated Stardoll for some time. As you can see, I have been shopping at It Girl, a thing which many of you Me Dolls visiting the store, will be able to notice. 

This outfit mixed together the Casual and the Sophisticated in a way which will suit many Me Dolls (even the high maintenance ones). The Tapered Trousers bring back the faded images of the Vintage School-girl, with a fun twist. Instead, of gloomy grey we now have those Trousers in Light Pink, adding a Classical almost Victorian edge to the Trousers. The Pink Heels are not to be missed, as they add a dimension of 'fun' to your Me Doll whilst still looking all the more effortless. 

The Star Tank-Top adds the Playful element to the outfit, a symbol of High-Street Fashion today. Think H&M and Forever 21, the image of 'hip' today. It's casual and easy-going, adding just the right amount of fun to the overall outfit. 

The Jacket, however, has to be the one piece which stands out the most, in my opinion. Laced with faux-fur, it recreates a Fashion Staple which has dominated the glamorous world of Celebrity. Think Marianne Faithfull, the 60's siren stepping outside in the heart of London, her statement Fur Coats, defining her look. This is the same Jacket, you can wear to a Laid-Back event and still make work for you. What could go wrong?

So let's skip to the important bit, you might say. No problem, I will do just that. 

Beige Jacket: 13 SD
Star Tank: 20 SC
Peach Heels (Optional): 40 SC
Blushed Tapered Trousers: 50 SC

Alternatively, Non-SS or users who don't want to spend too many Stardollars on an outfit, can use a Silk Wrap Blouse as a substitute for only 50 SC. 

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