Tuesday, February 5

Jelinna, her story

Have you heard of the name Jelinna, spreading around Stardoll, in hushed voices.

Haven't you discovered the gossip surrounding the infamous Stardoll Vogue.

I'm here to break the news. But not any old news story...

The whole Stardoll history of this well-known user. 

Jelinna, originally from Russia, climbed the ranks of Dollyworld fame with the help of major publication, Stardoll Vogue.

It proved a growing success, and one of the brightest new stars in the world of Stardoll Magazines. 

But, as the story goes, there was a catch. A big one.

As, The Stardoll Vogue quickly gained ground so did sister publication Daily Vogue. Demand flooded in and so did the Writers, Models and Graphic designers ready to work for the big name. 

Money and fame followed for Jelinna, with massive contracts being rolled out. A 6 month contract costed a expensive 600 stardollars. And a full-year contract costed a very shocking, 900 stardollars.

But not everyone in Dollyworld was all too happy especially a user and blog owner, preferring to stay anonymous, who was ripped off with her contract, which Jelinna refused to refund back.

By creating all these massive contracts, Jelinna was able to earns thousands of stardollars and grow into a very rich member. 

And even more surprising?

Not a single dollar was spent back on any of the publications.
The money was spent only on Jelinna who desired only wealth and fame. 
Maybe (as some say), more than she deserved 

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